“Fiddle-fit in just
a few minutess”


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  • Trainings take place with a personal certified trainer. He will make an individual program based on your goals.
  • More than 90% of muscles being worked per training, including the "sleeping" muscles.
  • Security for the joints due to the lack of heavy weights.
  • No need to bring a tracksuit or shower accessories, they are all included at our studios for free.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage after each workout improves blood circulation and removes excess fluid.
  • Possibility of visiting the training with children. All studios are equipped with a children's corner in sight of parents.


Figure Correction

Exercises on the simulator activate all the muscle groups simultaneously, thus stimulate the whole muscular mass. It allows you to adjust the desired areas of the body.

Weight loss

Training contributes an effective weight loss and excessive fat tissue riddance.

Building muscle mass and muscle strengthening

It allows you to achieve results regardless of preparation. The work takes course as in the strong mode and in the partial load mode, without the body overloading.

Effective restoration of the body function after injuries

Technologies are widely used in medicine, and gave good account of them in rehabilitation after injuries or operations.

Improving of the metabolism and functioning of the organism in total

By virtue of training metabolism improves and conducts an improvement of the organism in the whole.

Time saving on training without efficiency loss

Training is effective as well as a full lesson in the gym, but it takes less than 20 minutes.

The process of the training

The training begins with a cardio workout. As a rule, it can be walking on treadmill or exercises on the elliptical machine. Then follows warming up of all the muscles of the body.

Strength part comes next after cardio workout in which involved all the classic gym exercises with the only difference - the weight of the training equipment is not more than a kilogram.

The final part of the training is a lymphatic drainage massage, which promotes rapid recovery of muscles. Massage improves skin nutrition and blood flow in the internal organs and activates the lymph flow.

EMS-training equipment

Muscles need a stimulation to reduce. In everyday life, the impulse caused by the central nervous system and it is transmitted through the spinal cord and nerves to the corresponding muscle fibers. EMS - is the outer muscle stimulator. A special suit with electrodes that connects to most simulators is being put on the training.

  • - Weight loss
  • - Correction of the figure
  • - Muscle mass
  • - Body Shaping
  • - Rehabilitation
  • - Therapy

It is important to know

EMS-trainings are contraindicated for people with cardiac distress, tuberculosis, diabetes, epilepsy, arteriosclerosis and circulatory disorders, as well as people who are forced to wear a cardiostimulator.


When I get the first results?


Many people see the difference after the first workout. Visually noticeable changes appear after 5-6 workouts. It is important to exercise regularly and adjust the nutrition. At first you will feel the results, you will see them later, and after a while they will be noticed by the people around you.


For which sports are suitable EMS-training?


EMS-training suitable for all kinds of sports. Professional athletes, whether football players or skiers often use EMS-training equipment and confirm their effectiveness.