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Functional Training. Review on how, why and for what reason.

Functional Training. Review on how, why and for what reason.

30 jan

To keep your body in a good condition you should both regularly exercise in the gym and eat healthy and nutritious food. By combining these two principles you’ll once and forever forget about tiredness, flaccidity and common diseases related to the weakening of immune system. Everything is clear with the healthy diet, you only need to exclude harmful and high-calorie foods from your diet and replace them with natural and dietetic products. It is much more complicated when it comes for the exercises.
For best results choose the most suitable training system for you. That will help to involve desired muscle groups and strengthen the whole body. An individual trainer in our studio will help you to determine the training program.
The functional training is one of the most effective forms of exercises. It is only gaining popularity, but has already won the recognition as among professional athletes and among the sport newcomers. And we will describe it in this article.
What is functional training
This type of training significantly differs from the kinds of training familiar to many of us. Most of them are aimed at weight loss, getting rid of body fat or building muscles. Functional training allows you to keep sharp the muscles that used in everyday life and needed to carry out everyday tasks. Through fairly simple exercises you can train completely all muscle groups, including deep ones, which are so difficult to involve in the process of power and cardio exercises. Nevertheless these muscles are responsible for the spine supporting, flat posture, correct gait, as well as opposition to the forces of gravity and keep our body in an upright position. In addition, with the functional training you can significantly improve the coordination, endurance and muscle strength. Regular exercises can turn routine movements to the right and dynamic work of the body.
Features of the functional training
The first and the most important feature of the functional training that deserves attention is its versatility. People of absolutely different ages can be engaged in the functional training, starting from school children and ending with elder people. The fact is that our body requires more care in every age. So the sooner you begin to prepare your body for the upcoming challenges, the easier you will deal with them. People who exercise regularly can carry out any physical activity much easier. In addition, the exercises included in the set of functional training do not require any special athletic training, so it is within a scope of everyone’s abilities. This is another reason that the functional training is becoming more and more popular with every passing day.
The next feature of the functional training is its accessibility. The majority of sports suggests unnatural to our body movements and manipulations with heavy weights. On the other hand the functional training is based on completely opposite principles. First of all, absolutely all the exercises included in the training complex fully repeat the usual movements of our body that we do quite often if not daily. Therefore you don’t have to put a lot of efforts to perform them. As for the weight, the functional training mainly uses your own body weight or a little extra weight, which we encounter in everyday life. This not only helps develop muscles but also strengthens them making them ready to perform the required tasks. Such training not only helps to improve strength and endurance, but also enhance flexibility, coordination and balance.
Another feature and a hallmark of functional training is its variability. Due to the fact that during the training you need to fulfill as much as possible simple and natural for the body movements, their number can be very great. So every following training will consist of unique and not repetitive complexes that involve various muscle groups and gradually strengthen them. Thus anyone can engage himself in the functional training and not only in the gym but also at home. However in order to avoid unwanted injuries everyone should study the rules and guidelines that must be followed during any physical activities.
The benefits of the functional training
If you're not sure that to maintain overall body tone it is necessary to give preference to the functional training, we will tell you about a few of its main advantages over other types of training.
First of all, during the functional training, involving the implementation of the most natural for the body movements, not only muscles work but also the skeletal system. It takes a certain level of load that is usually created by the real life and constantly strengthens because of it. This can significantly reduce the possibility of fractures and other injuries associated with damage to the bones.
The load, subjected to our body in the process of functional training, distributes evenly throughout the body involving both muscles and ligaments. This increases training efficiency and accelerates the process of calories burning, which, of course, will delight those who want to get rid of excessive weight.
It should also be noted that the complexity of functional training is carried out not at the expense of weight increasing, but with the vertical growth of the exercises. Thus, during the training you will avoid undesirable excessive stress to the joints and spine, which will bring the risk of injury to a minimum. All this makes functional training an ideal sport for those who want to improve their health and keep the body fit and beautiful for years to come, without applying special efforts.