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Toughening up! Types and benefits.

Toughening up! Types and benefits.

24 jan

Conditioning is a system of preventive procedures that enhance the human body's resistance to various environmental hazards. Body hardening helps to develop conditioned reflex reactions of the thermoregulation. Which in turn increase the body's adaptation to environmental conditions. Normal operation of body thermoregulation helps to maintain a certain visceral temperature even at considerable fluctuations of ambient temperature.

Air Hardening
This method is accessible to everyone. It lies in taking the simple air baths. They are often used as a treatment agent and can be perfectly combined with walking, gymnastics, running, swimming and massage. After staying in the open air you will feel better and gain a feeling of cheerfulness, lightness and freshness. Such hardening is especially effective and relevant in the winter. Duration of walks should be not lesser than one hour.

Sun Hardening
Through the sun's rays the body accumulates extra warmth. As a result the sweating increases, the body moisture evaporates faster; blood circulation improves and your organism produces vitamin D. Initial procedure consists of 15 minutes and gradually comes to 2 hours per procedure.

Water Hardening
Water techniques of the body hardening are the most efficient and effective because the water thermal conductivity is much higher than the air one. The first step is always a rubdown. This simple procedure can be used even for toddlers. The initial temperature of the water should meet the body temperature. Then is should be gradually raised up to 15-16 degrees. At first you should wipe the upper body by circular motions and then proceed to the bottom body. A terry mitt, towel or hand moistened with water is commonly used for the rubdown. Then the body should be well wiped and rubbed until the redness.

After two or three weeks of the rubdowns you can proceed to the pouring exercises. First, try to pour water on your back and after that pour it on the stomach and chest. You should stay under the running water up to 40 seconds. Use a dousing shower for better effectivity. It has a massaging effect, and water from the shower seems to be warmer. The contrast shower has health benefits, but you should use it only if your body is strong enough. You can also enhance the effect of water treatment by hardening the throat and feet because these areas of the body are most exposed to the cold.

Other methods of hardening
Barefoot walking is also very useful. It reduces feet sweating, strengthens blood vessels and helps to get rid of calluses. By visiting a sauna you can enhance your blood circulation, clarify your skin and reduce fatigue.

Ice skating and skiing could also be count as the body hardening techniques. They combine the tempering by air, sun and motion. An ice hole swimming is the most extreme method of hardening. But this method should be used ONLY by prepared and healthy people. By regularly using the described above procedures you will strengthen your body, get a sense of vivacity and freshness, and significantly increase the level of your working ability. And remember that the hardening means not just a set of water and air procedures, but also the willpower and self-control training.